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    Topwood is a family owned business established in 2003.
    Our core values of security and efficiency are entwined
    into every aspect of our business.

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    Document Storage and Retrievals

    Secure storage supported by state of the art tracking software

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    Topwood Ltd

    ISO27001 Certification proves our best practice approach
    to information security, risk management, business continuity and
    the protection of client data.

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    Topwood Ltd

    Investing in the latest IT software and shredding technology
    to protect your business from corporate fraud

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    Topwood and the Environment

    We have a recycling rate of over 99 per cent
    and our own tree planting programme

Document Scanning, Confidential Shredding and Storage

We are experts in the efficient handling of your business information. We keep safe and accessible what you need to keep.

Document Scanning

We are able to prepare, scan and index large volumes of paper documents thanks to our state of the art equipment which includes high speed scanners.

Once scanned, clients can choose whether they would prefer documents to be destroyed or placed into deep storage. All of the scanned images can then be made available on CD, DVD or via a web based browser.

Confidential Shredding

The safe handling and storage of confidential data is core to our business. We provide both on-site and off-site shredding (paper shredding, hard drive shredding etc) as well as a range of collection containers for the secure handling of your information prior to collection.

Whether you choose on-site shredding or off-site shredding you will be assured of the same high levels of service.

Secure Storage

Topwood has been providing secure archiving services to many public sector organisations, blue chip companies and SMEs since 2003.

Our purpose built archives ensure the safe protection of documents and data. Our success is based on using the best IT tracking systems, fully trained staff and our commitment to customer service.

Certificates of Destruction

It is a legal requirement to have proof of destruction for business data. We provide you with full easy on-line access to all of your Certificates of Destruction

About Topwood


opwood is a family owned business established in 2003. Our core values of security and efficiency are entwined into every aspect of the business.

As a professional records management company, (document scanning, confidential shredding and secure storage) we have the facility, IT systems, processes and staff to make us a competitive alternative to the nationals. Our core values mean we are a professional firm with a personal service.

It is this commitment to high quality service that not only makes us competitive but has ensured we have a high customer retention rate.

We are experts in the efficient handling of your business information:

Scanning your documents can save you masses of office space which in turn can make the workplace much more productive and successful. With easy access to all of your scanned files via the internet, it’s this sort of document management (combined with our other services) that sets Topwood apart.

Shredding your paper documents or even old work stock and electronic equipment is a great way to streamline your business and not worry about confidential materials being mislaid and ending up in the wrong hands. There is enough work day to day to ensure the smooth running of a business without having to deal with the possibilities of fraud, which can not only to lead to financial difficulties but have a much larger negative effect on business. Topwood’s confidential shredding services are designed specifically to impact business in a positive way.

Storing your physical documents off-site is another way in which you can free up valuable space in the workplace. Archive rooms are usually full to bursting even when you only have the files you need but when you have boxes upon boxes of files that you don’t imminently require an off-site storage space can prove invaluable. Topwood offers a secure site in which you can not only store but also view and retrieve any files you need, when you need them.

Topwood are:

And offer:

  • A nationwide service
  • Work across all business sectors

Proper management of business information is not just a legal requirement it is increasingly seen as a source of competitive advantage. Topwood’s data storage and destruction services help ensure our customers comply with the law by keeping their information safe and secure and protecting their reputation at the same time. Keeping information secure is vital but making it readily available when needed is essential also. We do this as efficiently as possible either in hard copy or electronically.

MD, Tom Gilruth

Case Studies

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Finance & Insurance

We have built up a strong business partnership in finance, accounting and insurance including some of the biggest names in the UK.

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Public Sector

We work with a wide range of public sector organisations. Our secure facilities combined with our innovative use of document tracking...

Legal Case Study by Topwood


Our partnerships with leading companies in the legal sector are proof that Topwood delivers efficiency savings and cost reduction.

Latest News

Topwood & the Environment

In March 2014 we planted over 600 oak saplings into the TopWood near our secure storage facility in Cheshire.

Shredding Event - ShredFest

Free Shredding...

Our next community shred event will be at the Malpas Fair Sat 11th July. Why not bring your old bank statements, utility bills and other personal information and we will shred them for free on one of our high security shred trucks. All the shredded paperwork will be taken for recycling.