Flexible Document Management Solutions


Using our range of ISO accredited Document Management services, Topwood can fully tailor a solution that meets your needs and gives you the greatest achievable return on investment.

If you need to empower a flexible workforce; increase your information security; reduce your physical archive space; dream of going totally paperless, Topwood have the necessary services to help you.

Our storage solutions are supported by a scan on demand service which can ensure that any file, that you hold in physical storage with us, can be with you in electronic form on the same day. Using your pre-agreed permissions this can support information getting to a remote workforce

Our scanning services are complimented by a cloud-based Document Management platform that gives you access to any document on an anytime, any place, basis.  This platform is fully customisable for your document types and can even be branded with your corporate identity

Our fully certificated shredding services can come to you, allowing you to minimise the amount of physical storage you have or need.  We can also schedule destruction for any stored information, ensuring that nothing is kept for a day longer than is absolutely necessary

If you would like to find out more about our secure document scanning, shredding and storage solutions call 0800 781 1066 or request a call back using our call back form. 

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On-site and Off-site Document Shredding Services

Shredding your documents or even old work stock and electronic equipment is a great way to streamline your business and not worry about confidential materials being mislaid and ending up in the wrong hands.

There is enough work day to day to ensure the smooth running of a business without having to deal with the possibilities of fraud, which can not only to lead to financial difficulties but have a much larger negative effect on business.

Topwood’s confidential document shredding services are designed specifically to impact business in a positive way.

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Document Scanning Services

Topwood’s scanning solutions will save you time, reduce your need for space, increase accessibility and productivity and will reduce your carbon footprint.Working from home becomes ‘working from cloud’ with a flexible and tailored outcome that is both achievable and affordable.

Topwood can offer you a fully hosted, cloud-based solution or can easily work with systems you already have.All of our solutions are designed to deliver the maximum return on investment.

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Document Scanning at Topwood

Secure Document & Digital Document Storage

Off-site records storage is another way in which you can free up valuable space in the workplace.

Archive rooms are usually full to bursting even when you only have the files you need but when you have boxes upon boxes of files that you don’t imminently require an off-site files storage space can prove invaluable.

Topwood offers a secure site in which you cannot only store but also view and retrieve any files you need, when you need them.

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