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Secure shredding and a sustainable environment

A professional shredding service is a sustainable process.

With the passing spring equinox and the arrival of warmer weather our tree planting was underway at the weekend. Tree Planting Tree Planting - demonstrating our environmental responsibility.Tree Planting

Once we have securely destroyed documents and files into confetti sized shreds they are baled and eventually pulped for recycling into useful products such as paper towels and paper cups. It is estimated that every tonne of paper recycled saves 17 trees, 7000 litres of water and 4200kwh of power - so paper recycling makes environmental sense and as set out in law under the waste hierarchy regulations shredding of confidential documents is preferable to incineration. As we recycle every tonne of paper collected we know how many trees our customers have saved. At Topwood we do more than just recycle your confidential waste. Every spring we plant hardwood trees to create natural woodland habitat. In 2014 we planted over 640 oak trees over 2 acres. This weekend we have been doing the same again - each tree planted is traced back to the total tonnage of paper shredded for our customers. This is just one way where we can demonstrate our environmental responsibility. Since 2010 we have planted over hardwood 2500 trees. In a year or two some trees will need removing to give more room to others. We aim to donate the trees we remove to community groups, local businesses and schools who want to plant up their own local environment. For further information on our corporate social responsibility you can download the documents from our Resource Centre; Sustainable Secure Shredding Legislative Summary

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