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FAQ: Are your staff security vetted?

All Topwood's staff who come into contact with sensitive material are security vetted to BS7858. This level of vetting meets the requirements of shredding standard EN15713 and complies with HM Governments Cabinet Office guidelines for Personnel Security Controls. Security vetting is completed on all staff prior to their engagement.




The vetting process is the most comprehensive and includes identity checks, follow-ups on employment and education references as well as criminal and credit reference checks.  This vetting includes full DBS (formerly CRB) checks as well as background medical and financial checks. 
This developed vetting is done prior to employment so we are 100% sure they can handle the most sensitive of documents and data.
In addition, all employees sign a confidentiality agreement prior to any engagement with Topwood to ensure they do not share any senstive information during (or after) their employment with Topwood.
Topwood’s information security ISO27001:2013 accreditation incorporates a guarantee that we comply fully with BS7858. 
Whilst pre-employment checks can verify a person's history it does not gurantee future actions.  Our culture is for continuous training, motivation and to reward staff so that keeping information safe is their number one priority. 
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