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Twelve years with two minutes for reflection

It was twelve years ago that we scanned our first archive box to a storage location. It is a privilege that the owner of the box is still a key customer today.  The many generous comments received this week have led me to reflect on our success.


Customer feedback about our service and staff is the most rewarding part of running a document and information management business.  Here are some thoughts on Topwood's success over the past twelve years and more importantly our plans for the next five!

Since those early days Topwood has enjoyed stable year-on-year growth in the competitive information management sector.  Tom Gilruth, MD of Topwood Ltd, attributes this success to improving every aspect of the business every day - if only by a tiny amount.  He says "top athletes knows there are no silver bullets to winning.  To be a winner takes tiny continuous improvements in every part of the athletes physical training, mental preparation, diet and lifestyle".

Topwood's recent ISO 27001 certification is evidence of their attention to detail in their pursuit of retaining a competitive edge.  Tom says "it is clear that organisations want to partner with professional firms who can demonstrate compliance with the the required security requirements such as the shredding standard EN15713".



Investment in new IT solutions, staff training programmes and another new shred truck (with its high security cross cutting capability) all demonstrate the company plans to build on its successful formula continuous improvement. 

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