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FAQ: What is the difference between onsite and offsite shredding?

Onsite shredding involves the shortest chain of custody compared to offsite shredding which has a longer chain of custody. This means that with onsite shredding, the documents are handled by fewer people and when they are handled, nobody can access them. By definition, the shorter the chain the lower the risk of a security breach. Read on to find out more.


OnSite Shredding is when a shred truck destroys documents at your workplace.  This offers the shortest chain of custody and by definition is the safest.  When the truck leaves your offices there is no way your information can be accessed either maliciously or accidentally.  

 Shred Truck On-site for shredding

The chain of events:

  • The shred truck arrives at your workplace
  • Our security vetted shred truck operative collects all your items for shredding and takes them to the lorry, with supervision from a staff member.
  • Our operative weighs the amount for shredding, then places the items in the shredder, with staff supervision.
  • The shredded fragments are collected at the back of the lorry and are taken to the recycling plant at the end of each day.
Compare this to offsite shredding which involves far more handling. Documents are collected and taken away in a van for shredding, where regardless of controls, a mistake or malicious act could result in the loss of data and therefore be the cause of a data breach.
Onsite shredding is the safest option as it keeps the chain of custody to a minimum. The confidential items for shredding are taken from your offices, and shredded outside while you watch, so you can be sure that no one has tampered with or intervened with the process.
 Remember that either of these methods are still safer than using an office shredder.


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