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FAQ: Do we have to remove paperwork from archive boxes?

All contents of boxes are tipped direct into the shredder. There is no need to transfer the box contents into shred sacks. Some on-site customers do choose to keep the boxes for re-use. If they are not retained by the customer they can be shredded too or baled up at Topwood for recycling. Read on to find out more. 



When we collect your confidential documents for shredding, we will transport the boxes from your office shelves, straight to the shred truck. We can then either shred the entire box, or we can empty the box into the shredder so that you can keep your useful box.




Shredding the entire box is not only quicker, but also more secure as there may be personal information on the outisde of the box.


We can also clear storage rooms, shelves, and do a bulk archive removal and shred for you.



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