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FAQ: How do you work out prices for confidential shredding?

The cost depends on a number of key factors, such as: how much there is, how accessible it is, what is the postcode and whether onsite or offsite shredding is required. Read on to find out more.



The prices for document shredding vary according to the particular service and there are discounts available for high volume shredding.
Our shredding prices are based on fixed £ per KG as this provides transparency. We are happy to provide a total fixed price once we have establshied all the details.
Unlike some of the national shredding companies we do not to charge per minute - this encourages inefficiencies... the slower the shredding the higher the cost!
Often it is hard to estimate the total KG, it is easier to estimate the number of units - how many: lever arch files, archive boxes, sacks, linear metres of filing, pallets or filing cabinets to be destroyed.  
With this information we can estimate the number of KG and convert that to a quote in the unit of measure that you have.  This process allows you to calculate a total job cost and compare like for like with other shredding companies.
The key factors to be considered when determining the £ per KG rate:
  1. Type of material to be shredded
  2. Shredded onsite or offsite
  3. Shredding / collection location
  4. How accessible the material (for example if in a basement of attic)
  5. The quality of the paper
  6. Whether shredding containers are required prior to the shred visit?
We will always provide a competitive quote prefer based on our £ per KG rates.  So we use competititve rates to quote by unit, for example per box (depending on the box size), per pallet or per sack (we supply paper and poly-prop sacks).
When contacting us, try and give us as much information as possible and, if possible, quantify it as best you can!
Questions we'll ask:
  • How much do you have to shred?
  • How big are the files/boxes/sacks/shelves full?
  • How many files/boxes/sacks/shelves full?
  • What is your postcode?
  • Would you like onsite or offsite shredding?
Our sales team take into account each of the criteria above to give you an accurate quote that reflects the service you require.
For a quote please contact us by phone 01948 770 152 or use the contact form to the left to email us.


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