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FAQ: Do you do residential and personal shredding?

Yes we do- the process is the same as our commercial shredding operations, except we visit your residential address. Read on to find out more about our residential shredding service. Read on to find out more.



Whether you work from home or simply have personal documents to safely dispose of, we offer a secure document destruction service on your doorstep.

The process is the same as our commercial shredding operations:

- We fix a day and time to bring a shred truck to your door.

- Once shredded on-site, the paper is taken in the shred truck for recycling

- On completion we issue a Certificate of Destruction.  


Our mobile shredding trucks operate to scheduled routes but they are able to deviate to do personal shredding. There are a number of factors that need to be considered prior to undertaking residential shredding. Factors that determine the service we can offer include:

  • Time slots - do our schedules fit your timescales?
  • Access - is it possible (and safe) to get a shred truck nearby?
  • Location - do you live within our operating zones?
  • Quantity - a minimum visit fee means on-site shredding may not be the lowest cost option for very small quantities.  In which case collection using a van and off-site shredding may be the best option.
We can supply prepaid sacks so as you sort your personal documents you have sacks that can then be sealed. Alternatively, you can assemble your files and paper into plastic boxes.
When the shred truck arrives at your house the contents of the sacks are usually tipped into lockable wheelie bins and transferred to the shred truck where they are tipped directly into the shredders.

Once completed, customers are asked to sign an electronic pad which sends an e-receipt to your inbox with a link to download your Certificate of Destruction.

An invoice is then emailed directly to you. We can take card payments or BACS payment so you can itemise our service as a business expense without setting us up as a supplier to your business.

Feel free to call us for a quote on 0800 781 1066.


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