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FAQ: What is the Shredding Chain of Custody Process?

Our chain of custody maintains a digital trail from the first enquiry to downloading every Certificate of Destruction. Read on to find out more.




A secure 'chain of custody' requires that from the moment sensitive information (such as documents, paperwork or media devices) is collected from a data controller (by a data processor like Topwood), the transfer and custody is recorded so that it can be proved no third party has accessed that data.
It is best to keep the number of stages in the destruction chain procedure as short as possible.
Our chain of events:


Once we understand your shredding requirements we will email a quote to you.  Upon acceptance a work order will be created confirming all the details.  The shortest and safest chain of custody is when one of our mobile shred trucks securely destroy documents onsite at your offices while you watch with our shredding truck.
Once the shredding is completed you will be asked by our driver to sign an electronic device. This will send an e-receipt to your inbox with both your signature and our driver's signature.  The e-receipt will have a link for your to securely download your Certificate of Destruction through our website.  This will also give you access to a Waste transfer Note (as required by law – see here).  The next step is the invoice, which will be emailed direct from our system. 

View our video for a details look at our process:



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