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FAQ: How do I prepare files for archiving?

When using our secure offsite file archiving services there are a number of ways you can prepare files for archiving from labelling individual files with barcodes we supply, to putting files into strong archive boxes. Read on to find out more.

Using industry leading software we manage information at three basic levels:
1. Container (box)
2. File (or data tape)
3. Document / image
The level of storage depends on the degree of indexing required. We can supply barcodes for all levels.
As a general rule:
  • Label each item with a relevant barcode  
  • The metadata and keyfields should be cross referenced with the barcode on a secure database
  • Use strong archive boxes - cheap boxes can be a security and safety hazard 
  • When barcoding boxes always apply the barcode to the end indicated on the box
  • Never barcode or write on the box lid.  If the lids are mixed the identitiy is lost


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How to assemble an Archive box


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