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FAQ: Can you provide on-site data destruction?

Yes! The physical destruction of electronic media is the safest way to ensure your unwanted business data can never be recovered.
The on-site destruction of hard drives, backup tapes and mobile devices is preferred by many compliance and IT managers as it means they can witness the destruction and rest assured their unwanted data can never be recovered.


Our MDX shred trucks are fitted with high torque data shredders that cut and grind electronic media into tiny fragments. These shredders mean we can conduct on-site hard drive destruction at the same time as shredding paper documents in the same visit. Our security vetted staff will collect your electronic media and load them directly into the shred truck where they will be shredded on-site. The fragments of shredded metal and plastic fall into locked bins inside the shred truck which are taken back to our secure facilty.

View our video to find out more about Topwood's secure on-site data destruction process

Depending on the destruction specification, the fragments are either graded for recycling or fed into a second shredder fitted with screens to render down the fragments even further. Once the disintegration process is complete the powder-like material is blown into bulk sacks and sent to a specialist smelter who can separate out the plastic and metals for reuse.


We offer destruction of:
  • Hard drives
  • CDs
  • USB data sticks
  • Floppy disks
  • Laptops
  • VHS tapes
  • Mobile devices


Our pricing is based on a number of factors including the quantity of data to be destroyed, the type of data and your location. Whether you want a one-off shredding service or as part of your scheduled shredding visit we can meet your needs. After every shredding process you will receive a certificate of destruction which is available to download from our online login service.



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