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FAQ: How does the Topwood Storage process work?

Our process in three simple steps:

1) Free Collection
2) Barcoding and indexing
3) Placement in our secure storage facility

 Read on to find out more.

We can supply you with Topwood Archive Boxes that are strong and easy to assemble. 
We can assist you in managing the rentention schedules on the files we have stored, and shred the files that have expired.
You can also request documents and files back from us, and we will deliver the next working day.
File delivery service:
1) Order your file online (using the login details we provide) or phone us with the unique barcode or reference
2) We will select the file, mark it as "out", and deliver it to you next day, or when our drivers are in your area
3) When you would like the file to be returned to Topwood, contact us and we will come and collect it
4) We will scan the file as "in", then replace the file into the correct box in storage
We can also scan individual files, or entire boxes, if you would like a PDF copy, or to access your files online using our "Top Drawer" service.




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