Our customers increasingly recognise how our values align with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations. Here is how our CSR policy promotes a sustainable environment and supports our local community.

Local Sourcing

Moving things consumes fuel and causes pollution; to lower our carbon footprint we purchase, where possible, from local suppliers.

Recycling of Resources

With our zero landfill target by March 2018, just 2% (by KG) of our own waste went for landfill disposal in 2015. 97% of our waste was re-used or recycled lowering our use of finite resources.


We value the beautiful countryside of Cheshire near the border with Wales and Shropshire where we operate from. Our environmental impact is so important to us we actually have schemes that positively contribute to the local environment.

Topwood CSR Rainwater

Rain Water

All of our surface water run-off is captured in our specially designed pond system.


This means rainwater does not flow directly into the local watercourses adding to the risk of flooding in the River Dee.


Instead, the pond system traps the water and allows a delayed discharge into the local brook and, ultimately the River Dee.

Tree Planting Scheme

Since 2010 we have planted over 1000 hardwood trees in accordance with our Tree Planting Scheme, this reduces our carbon footprint.


In March 2014 we planted over 600 oak saplings into the Topwood near our secure storage facility in Cheshire. Many of these trees will grow into mature oaks and will support the environment.


Their leaf canopy improves the air we breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen and their roots reduce flooding. By planting more we can capture carbon and give wildlife a helping hand.

Eco Purchasing

We have adopted a procurement strategy that ensures as many of our supplies as possible are ethically sourced. For example, we ensure our archive boxes are a blend of both new fibre from sustainable forestry (for strength) and recycled pulp. Likewise we opted to have shredding equipment to use a bio grade hydraulic fluid rather than the mineral based oils.


The principle behind sustainability is the avoidance of use to cut waste. We use the best communications technology and routing software to optimise the use of our vans and shred trucks. With our modern fleet all emissions are Euro 6 compliant and we use an organic grade hydraulic diesel.


Topwood’s reputation for providing first class service levels is defined, delivered and measured through a Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS is independently audited by a UKAS accredited body and complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. The leading industry association for data destruction is the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) which requires members to have ISO 9001. Topwood is a member of the BSIA.

As per our ISO 14001 objectives for the next twelve months we have exciting plans to build our sustainable business;

  • The installation of PV cells to lower our carbon footprint
  • A zero landfill target of our own waste, and;
  • The trial of an electric van



Where possible we recruit locally. Local employment keeps the money in the community.

Local Sourcing

Where commercially acceptable, we aim to purchase from local suppliers. Over 24% of our spend is currently with suppliers within a 10 mile radius of Topwood (excluding capital expenditure).


By supporting events we help the local community prosper.

  • Free shred events that help local people avoid the crime of identity theft
  • At local fetes we run a plate smashing stall. In 2016 we raised over £210 to help Malpas Church, and;
  • We sponsor the sports kit for local school teams.

Duty of Care

Our accreditation to the Safe contractor scheme ensures we have assessed and managed the risks our operations have on local residents.

Our CSR helps you;

Our CSR credentials will align with your policy objectives. By working with us you will engage;

  • a local supplier that provides employment and purchases locally wherever possible
  • a sustainable business that actually has a positive environmental impact, and;
  • a firm that supports the local community.