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  • First Archive Boxes Placed into Storage

    The owner of those first boxes remains a key account today and a simple file retrieval and delivery service was introduced. More boxes were taken in as new clients realised the benefits of offsite file storage.

  • ISO9001 Certification Confirms Customer Focus

    Stable growth resulted from customers realising the benefits of freed up office space and staff for more productive use. Good customer service was directly reflected in solid growth and ISO9001 accreditation was the first official step towards being a leading independent document management company.

  • Archive Service Portfolio Expanded

    Unlike self-storage Topwood’s fully-managed archive service offered more than just storage space. The purchase of an office shredder meant we could destroy obsolete documents on behalf of customers. This released some storage space but plans for a purpose built storage facility were prepared.

  • New Storage Facility Completed

    The new archive stores had capacity to store the equivalent of 250,000 archive boxes. The controlled environment with racking and shelving configurations permitted open file storage. In addition, a vault was completed for ultra-sensitive documents such as title deeds and patient records.

    Groundworks for new Storage Facility
    Deed Store
    First Boxes put in Storage
  • Secure Shredding & Recycling Expanded

    By the end of 2009 Topwood could offer non-storage customers a secure shredding and recycling service following the purchase of a new industrial mobile shredder. This shredder is still used for large offsite (plant based) or bulk shredding jobs.

  • Records Management Software

    The increased volume and complexity of operating the records centre needed improved software and tracking technology. The purchase of O’Neil’s records management system meant we were able to compete directly with the national data management companies.

  • Electronic Scan-on-Demand

    The use of leading software allowed customers to control and recall their files simply by clicking a mouse at their desktop. Furthermore, the technology allowed files to be selected from storage, scanned to electronic format and be securely downloaded within a 30 minute file retrieval service.

  • Delivery of Custom Built Shred Truck

    To meet customer demand Topwood purchased an AXO shred truck. This mobile shredder, with its onsite shredding capacity of 1500kg per hour, together with its flexibility, all meant customers could be safe serviced with a guaranteed regular scheduled shredding service.

  • Bulk Scanning Service is Launched

    Investment in personnel and high volume scanning software has allowed the company to develop as a BIP008 compliant scanning bureau. With a capacity to scan half a million images a week the firm offers a complete consverison service where paper documents are received, prepared, indexed, imaged, stored and finally destroyed in one secure facility.

  • ISO27001 Certification is Achieved

    Topwood was one of the first information management specialists to be accredited with the new information security standard ISO27001:2013. Under UK data legislation, data controllers, who remain liable for data handled by their data processors, need the assurance that those processors have been independently and rigorously tested to be competent and compliant.

  • Arrival of MDX Shred Truck

    New Shredding Truck

    A new MDX truck was added to the shredding fleet. The truck has an impressive capacity to shred 2850kg per hour in standard mode which means less time onsite at customers'. The ‘X’ in the name represents cross cut shredding which offers greater security and certification to shred to DIN level P-5 or EN15713 security level 6. This truck can destroy hard drives and electronic media onsite – a requirement that is becoming ever more important.

  • Cloud Hosting Service

    Topwood’s cloud hosting service was launched in partnership with Connecting Cheshire’s Fibrespeed project. File and records imaged through the bulk scanning services are now uploaded via a secure link to the cloud. With bespoke settings, customers documents can be retrieved 24/7 using a secure login.

  • Safecontractor Awarded


    Topwood is awarded Safecontractor status for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. As its customer base grows, especially in the provision of mobile shredding services it is ever more important to have accredited controls and measures in place to ensure a safe working environment.

  • New MDX Shredding Truck - Delivery Confirmed

    MDX Shred Truck

    Delivery of a MDX Shred Truck has just been confirmed for August-17. It will have cross cut capability for paper documentsand there will be a separate data shredder which will allow the destruction of hard drives, CDs, tapes and other electronic media.

  • Upgrading of Archive Facility

    Upgrading of Archive Facility

    Topwood’s scan-on-demand service means paper files are stored and when required by clients they are located, imaged and downloaded by the client. The popularity of this service has resulted in Topwood upgrading its storage capacity which will hold an additional million individual files.

  • Topwood Expand into Hereford

    Topwood Ltd have recently been awarded the confidential shredding contract for Herefordshire Council. Topwood Ltd will be providing a mobile on-site shredding service to numerous office locations around Hereford cross cutting paper documents to the highest security standard DIN 66399 level P-4.

  • New Storage Facility On Wrexham Industrial Estate

    Topwood's New Storage Facility On Wrexham Industrial Estate

    Topwood has completed the purchase of a three acre site on Wrexham Industrial Estate. The former food production and distribution facility will be renovated for the secure storage with a capacity of over 7,500 pallets (250,000 archive boxes). The new site will also be able to accommodate Topwood’s growing secure document shredding and recycling business.

The firm continues to enjoy steady growth. The market is competitive but Tom Gilruth (Topwood’s Managing Director) believes there is a demand for quality independent records management companies that can offer the flexibility and service the ‘nationals’ cannot. As in all competititve markets there is no silver bullet to success but Tom believes the power of incremental improvement is the key to success.

That means every tiny improvement, every day, across all aspects of the business leads to continuous business improvement.