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Why Use Topwood?

Why Use Topwood?

We are a professional records management business and we are experts in handling your business information. If you need Scanning Services, Secure Destruction or Business Storage we can help.

We have the best equipment, the best software and state of the art facilities. These vital assets are managed and operated to the highest standards like information security ISO27001. These are just some very valid reasons to use Topwood but the number one reason is totally unique to us.

At the core of our business is a culture of continuous improvement. Like top class athletes seeking to improve their performance, we look to improve every element of our service - every day. Each tiny improvement enhances the overall customer experience and has become our source of competitive advantage.

By looking at every aspect of our business we ask - can we do better? From the big questions like: what investment would take costs out of our customers’ operations, to how our trained and professional staff are motivated and empowered to deliver the best possible customer experience?

Improving every aspect of our business, however small, ensures the best possible customer experience. Topwood’s culture of continuous improvement adds huge value to our business that the larger corporate competitors could never copy.

Customer feedback is good, referral rates are high and long term customer partnerships are proof that this constant improvement provides outstanding customer service.

Contact us to be put in touch with customers who would recommend us, you can also read some testimonials here.

Topwood and the Environment

We undertake Environmental Impact Assessments as part of our EMS (Environmental Management System):

    • Measuring our environmental impact
    • Developing objectives to manage our environmental impacts
    • Complying with all relevant legal and industry requirements
    • Preventing pollution that arises from any of our activities
    • Maintaining commitment from our staff, customers and partners to reduce environmental impacts.
    • Implementing changes and apply innovations for continuous improvement

We are extending our EMS to gain ISO 14001 accreditation (final audit is due autumn 2016).

All materials shredded by Topwood are recycled wherever possible and in addition we offer a tree-planting scheme.

Topwood's Tree Planting Scheme

In March 2014 we planted over 600 oak saplings into the TopWood near our secure storage facility in Cheshire. Many of these trees will grow into mature oaks and will support the environment.

Their leaf canopy improves the air we breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen and their roots reduce flooding.

By planting more we can capture carbon and give wildlife a helping hand.


The highest levels of security is core to our business. We have developed a culture into all areas of our business ranging from the employment of staff, through the use of secure IT systems to the physical security of our sites, vehicles and operations.

    • Our secure document storage facilities are monitored and linked to the emergency services via Red Care communicators
    • Comprehensive intruder detection includes motion sensors and contractors that monitor facilities at all times
    • Managed access control system, networked across the sites restricts entry to all premises and provides differing access rights for staff and visitors
    • The vault has an automatic fire suppression system
    • Smoke and heat detectors constantly monitor the document storage facilities
    • Temperature and humidity detectors constantly monitor the document storage facilities
    • Perimeter fencing, entrances and emergency exit points throughout the building have alarm contacts
    • Extensive CCTV, with security lighting, are installed on all facilities, which monitor the buildings for personnel or vehicle activity – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • The site is manned 24 hours a day
    • Facilities are monitored by nationally recognised pest control specialists


All Topwood staff are routinely checked to standard BS5878 by an approved supplier, this includes DBS checking. All our staff are bound by confidentiality agreements to protect your data.


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of the industry in which we operate. We are continually increasing the levels of this aspect of our policy with all new staff vetted against basic disclosure standards through compulsory DBS checks.

Data Security

Security of your data is a vitally important aspect of our infrastructure. We ensure that all reasonable measures are in place to protect the data that we are storing on behalf of our clients. All Topwood staff are aware of the importance of data security and are vigilant in this area.

For our latest certifications please see the Compliance section.

Your Security

At Topwood, we take our commitment to our clients and their information very seriously. Many of our clients choose to perform adhoc security visits to satisfy themselves that their records are as safe as possible. We fully support and encourage our clients to visit our facilities and see for themselves that our security measures are of the highest possible standard.

Transport and Tracking

Our collection and delivery vehicles are secure and satellite tracked.

Every box and file is scanned to a vehicle whilst in transit. That way every item can be pin-pointed at any moment.

All of the Topwood vehicles are sign written for clear identification. The manufacturer’s specifications are adhered to and the vehicles are maintained and serviced accordingly. The appropriate O licence (operator’s license) is also valid and up to date. All Topwood vehicles have the following security measures fitted as standard:

    • Central Locking
    • Alarm
    • Immobiliser
    • Trackers
    • Fire Extinguishers

All of our vehicles are monitored by using "Track You" software, which means we can see GPS web tracks of our vehicles in real time. This helps with route planning and overall efficiency.

Our drivers all have access to SMS facilities which means they can quickly tell us if there are any delays or other issues. We can then relay this information to our clients and customers to avoid as much inconvenience as possible.

Topwood drivers are all Topwood employees and will be wearing distinguishable uniforms along with I.D badges.

We have recently upgraded all of our vehicles to include a full GPS tracking system. This now includes live communication with each driver – which improves overall efficiency even further.