Can I have my documents back after scanning?

We can return your paper files to you after scanning- although many clients prefer documents to be destroyed or placed into deep storage which we can also provide. Read on to find out more.

Once we have scanned your documents using our confidential scanning service, you may choose to have your paper files returned to you. However, there are a more options available that you may wish to consider.

1. Deep Storage

Outsourcing your document storage to a professional offsite archiving company like Topwood may seem like a unnecessary luxury but there is serious commercial sense in doing so. Storing documents offsite releases premium space in your place of work to improve productivity and efficiency.

2. Secure & Recycling shredding

Documents and files are cross cut and then baled. The baled paper is sent to a local paper mill where it is pulped and recycled into useful paper products. Paper shredding and recycling could not be easier!

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