Digital Mailroom FAQs

digital mailrooms

What is Mailroom Automation?

Automation is really a misleading term when discussing digital mailrooms due to the fact that no matter what you do, whilst ever there is paper post then somebody has to open the envelope and deal with the contents.  The term “digital mailroom”, or “mailroom automation” is often used to mean that a company has deployed a digital mailroom, removing the need for manual handling within their company. With a digital mailroom, physical post is scanned and arrives with the recipient via their email address.

How do you set up a Digital Mailroom?

The setting up of a digital mailroom is a very straightforward process and can be deployed in as little as two weeks.  The key to a successful setup is the accurate scoping of who needs to receive items of post that arrive.  In simple terms – if a letter comes for Accounts, what email do you want it sent to.  At first, there may be the need for a ‘catchall’ address for any items not easily referenced but over time the reference/lookup can be expanded to cover ALL recurring items.

How do Digital Mailroom services work?

Mail is redirected to the scanning company via redirect, PO Box or even a simple c/o arrangement.  Once received the mail is scanned, the intended recipient is referenced matched against a pre-defined look-up table and the mail item is automatically emailed from our document management platform.

Is a Digital Mailroom service worthwhile for smaller businesses?

Like with everything, digital mailroom technology has significantly reduced in cost over the years.  A few years ago you would have needed hundreds of items a day to get a significant ROI but nowadays, companies with as little as ten to fifteen items a day can benefit.

How much does a Digital Mailroom cost?

Each mailroom is unique and customised so it is hard to give a simple answer on cost.  It can be as little as £15 – £20 per day for a small user where a minimum charge is applied whilst for larger volumes would normally be costed at literally pennies per page.

What are the benefits of Digital Mailroom solutions?

These are only some of the main digital mailroom benefits:

  • Instant removal of paper from your office at the point of entry
  • Freeing up of staff time for more profitable work
  • Removal of risk on confidential destruction
  • Fully auditable trace on items sent via the document platform
  • Open or read receipts to show that mail has been read

Want to learn more about Topwood’s Digital Mailroom services?

If you want to reduce your manual workload, save space, and improve your business’ efficiency while saving costs, Topwood’s digital mailroom services are the perfect solution for your needs.

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