Do I need to remove staples and other stationery before scanning?

No, you do not need to remove staples before scanning. The removal of staples and other such fasteners is costly and time consuming. As part of our bulk scanning and scan on demand services, we can do that for you and if you would like your files returned to you we will replace all the staples afterwards too.

Before scanning commences, we will sort through all of the files to ensure that things like staples and paper clips are removed. This allows the scanning process to be more accurate and therefore produces better scanning results.

We can remove all stationery from the files:

  • Staples
  • Bulldog clips
  • Spring file clips
  • Paper clips
  • Coiled wire bindings (found on notepads etc)
  • Plastic spiral bindings
  • Plastic envelopes

Our Scanners

Bulk scanning

At Topwood, we have state of the art scanners that can convert your paper documents and files into electronic copies to either PDF, JPEG, TIFF or PDF searchable formats (What is the best format for scanned documents?). We are also able to scan a variety of sizes of paper, from tiny receipts to A3. As an ISO 27001 accredited firm, Topwood are fully compliant with industry standards and encrypt all data with 128 bit encryption when returned to customers.

After Scanning

The most convenient aspect of scanning at Topwood is the choice to have your documents returned after scanning, put into a secure document storage at Topwood or have them destroyed in our secure document shredding premises.

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