Do you have to remove staples before shredding?

No, you do not need to remove staples and other stationery prior to shredding one sheet at a time as this is costly, time consuming and can pose a risk of a data breach. The shredders we use for our document shredding service can shred through staples and all types of stationery. Failure to remove staples could jam your office shredders and causes burn outs. Using a professional paper shredding company like Topwood means our industrial paper shredders can tear through your confidential documents and personal information saving you the hassle of removing them. Read on to find out more.

It is likely that your files will have staples, paper clips, bulldog clips, treasury tags and other metal stationery keeping papers together.

Can staples go through a shredder?

Yes, our commercial cross cut shredders can cut through most things (including electronic data such as CD’s, hard drives and even laptops – see our media destruction page for more information) … so they can easily shred continuous printout paper, diaries, files and lever arch files – staples are not challenging!

Paper for shredding can be destroyed and recycled even if the following are attached:

  • Staples
  • Envelope windows
  • Bulldog clips
  • Spring file clips
  • Paper clips
  • Metal spiral bindings (found on notepads etc)
  • Plastic spiral bindings
  • Plastic document wallets

Do I have to remove staples before shredding

Where can I take my documents to be shredded?

We can provide document shredding services on-site or off-site basis. Depending on the volume of documents you have to recycle we can cater for all confidential shredding requirements. For high volume sensitive document shredding we recommend on-site,one-off document shredding. For smaller, more frequent document destruction requirements we would recommend our regular shredding service where we would provide confidential waste bins; either consoles, wheelie bins or shred sacks and collect or shred on-site on a regular basis. We would provide you with a certificate of destruction after every visit.

Can lever arch files be recycled?

Can lever arch files be recycledYes, at Topwood, we can shref and recycle your lever arch files and ring binders in our industrial shredders, however we need to know in advance as not all shred trucks can handle these files and it is likely that the contamination rate is more than 3% which affects our recycling rates. Click the link to read more about shredding lever arch files.

Do paper shredding companies recycle?

Do paper shredding companies recycleYes, at Topwood, we securely dispose of and recycle all the paper we shred. As a guide, a contamination rate of 3% or less (by weight) is acceptable. If the contamination (of staples, bindings etc.) is more than 3% there is a danger the material cannot be recycled and that may mean disposal charges will be incurred.

Watch our video below showing documents for shredding, staples and paperclips going directly into the shredder.

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