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Topwood offers secure on-site data and paper shredding in Staffordshire. Unwanted paper documents and electronic data are destroyed in our mobile shredders at your premises. Once you have witnessed the destruction a Certificate of Destruction is issued. All waste is taken for recycling to be made into used products so our shredding service is both secure and sustainable.

Topwood are shredding in Staffordshire every Thursday including shredding in Uttoxeter, Marchington, Stoke-on-Trent, Stone, Tamworth, Stafford, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Burslem, Tunstall, Fenton just to name a few!

Secure Shredding in Staffordshire

“A serving Staffordshire police officer has been fined after she admitted misusing police systems while on duty.

PC Vicky Lockett, 37, a response officer from Stafford, appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court today (Monday 20 August) and pleaded guilty to committing four offences under the Data Protection Act on 16 February 2018.

PC Lockett while on duty, accessed Staffordshire Police systems and viewed information held on those systems for a non-policing purpose.

The appearance follows an investigation by the force’s performance and standards unit.

PC Lockett was fined a total of £430 for the offences”.

Consider what could happen if your own staff accessed sensitive information without consent and acted in malice.

The obligations on both data controllers and data processors has increased as a result of GDPR taking effect in May-18.

The General Data Protection Regulation requires controllers and processors to “implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk”

The statutory penalty that can be imposed after GDPR will be far higher than the current £500k limit.

The true cost and data breaches is far higher than just the penalties – there are massive emotional costs and damage to your organisation’s reputation can be fatal. If trust in your business evaporates so will your customers and therefore cash flow.

One of the easiest ways to prevent data breaches in your workplace is to review how documents and data are destroyed.

On-site Shredding – the safest option

Why is on-site shredding the safest option? Read our Frequently asked question article to find out.

This service ensures:

  • Your staff witness the destruction of sensitive data
  • Your documents are cross-cut and you can check this is actually being done
  • Contactors that handle your data are security vetted and work for an information security ISO27001 accredited business
  1. Do your staff witness the destruction of its sensitive data?
  2. Does your business contract with an on-site data shredding company to witness its documents being shredded?
  3. Do you specify that your documents are cross-cut and do you check this is actually being done?
  4. Are the contactors you engage for data destruction accredited with information security ISO27001?

If you answer YES to all of the questions above you are doing well!

If you score three or more NOs you should contact us to arrange a free review of your data disposal policies.

Contact us now to get a free review of your data destruction processes.

Please feel free to download our checklist to see if your shredding company is compliant. If there are any No’s on this checklist you might want to talk to a professional information security accredited firm, like Topwood, who can help with your data security.

Some of Topwood’s shredding services in Staffordshire include:

On-site Document Shredding

On-site shredding is where we bring one of our mobile shred trucks to you. Our uniformed, security vetted staff then transfer your confidential waste to the truck for secure destruction.

Off-site Document Shredding

The collection of confidential waste for off-site shredding is a totally safe method of paper disposal. Within hours of collection by our security vetted staff the waste is weighed and tipped directly into high security industrial shredders.

Regular Document Shredding

As part of this service we supply a variety of lockable confidential shredding waste bins. Regardless of whether secure consoles or wheeled shredding bins best suit your needs our regular paper shredding services ensure unwanted documents can be safely and easily deposited in your workplace.

Media Destruction

Secure hard drive shredding is an increasing demand from organisations that want to comply with GDPR and reduce the risk of a data breach. The on-site destruction of hard drives, backup tapes and mobile devices is preferred by many IT managers. Our shredders can cut and grind electronic media into tiny fragments and securely disposed of. The shredded material is then sent to be recycled.

We are regularly shredding in Staffordshire

If you need an emergency shredding service we can respond quickly.

On-site shredding means your data destruction policies will be 100% compliant with GDPR. Your data can never be lost or mis-used once it is shredded in our trucks. Please refer to our FAQ Why is on site shredding the safest option.

However, the NHS example above demonstrates data breaches occur within the workplace. In fact, 85% of data breaches occur within an organisation.

By providing free on loan secure lockable receptacles and containers within your workplace, unwanted documents and data can be safely deposited without the risk of prying eyes taking an interest.

These containers are emptied by our security vetted staff as part of or our regular on-site shredding service in Staffordshire.

If you currently use off-site shredding make the switch to on-site to improve your security at NO EXTRA COST.

With high security shred trucks regularly in the Potteries, and scheduled pickups along the A500 and the A50 in the six towns that make up the city namely Tunstall, Burslem, Hanley, Stoke, Fenton and Longton, Topwood are well placed to service Staffordshire and the surrounding areas.

Case Study

Topwood reviewed the security arrangements for the disposal of sensitive papers from a Staffordshire-based College.

A gap analysis showed there was significant potential for data breaches. Please see our ‘How Secure is Your Paper Recycling Process Checklist’ to see how key weaknesses were identified and the corrective measures taken using an improved shredding process.

Our shred trucks have a capacity of over five tonnes for on-site purges and bulk clearances. If you are looking for scheduled regular on-site shredding we have trucks in Staffordshire every week. To help keep your workplace secure we can supply free on loan receptacles and other secure containers for the safe collection of sensitive papers prior to their destruction.

One of our shredding trucks is in Staffordshire every Thursday.

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Ashwood Law Wealth Management Ltd, Stoke on Trent

I found all those I have had contact with at Topwood (office staff & driver) to be extremely helpful, prompt, and efficient. With a competitively priced service, this makes them the first stop for next time I need any on confidential on-site shredding to be done

Amanda Watson, MAC Clinical Research, Cannock, South Staffordshire

I just wanted to pass on our thanks for yesterday, the gentleman was really helpful. We will definitely contact you again in the future, when we have a large amount of shredding to get rid of.

7th June 2018

Cheryl Metclaffe, South Staffordshire College, Staffs

Hi Tom, Please find attached the order number for the shredding you did at Rodbaston on Tuesday. Thank you for doing a very professional and brilliant job.

22nd Oct 2015