Document Shredding Telford

Topwood Ltd can provide document shredding in Telford on a weekly basis. Document disposal bins are available free on loan as part of a regular shredding services. Alternatively we can provide bulk shredding services in Telford and the surrounding area with our high security shred trucks which ensures you are GDPR complaint with cross cut shredding.

Shredding Services in Telford

On-site Document Shredding

On-site shredding is where we bring one of our mobile shred trucks to you. Our uniformed, security vetted staff then transfer your confidential waste to the truck.

Off-site Shredding

The collection of confidential waste for off-site shredding is a totally safe method of paper disposal. Within hours of collection by our security vetted staff the waste is weighed and tipped directly into high security industrial shredders.

Regular Shredding

As part of this service we supply a variety of lockable confidential shredding waste bins. Regardless of whether secure consoles or wheeled shredding bins best suit your needs our regular shredding services ensure unwanted documents can be safely and easily deposited in your workplace.

Bulk Shredding

If you have a requirements to clear a backlog of material we can provide a one-off document shredding service. As our shred trucks have a load capacity of 6 tonnes and shred rate of 3000kg per hour we can destroy on-site over 500 archive boxes in a few hours. Our high speed industrial shredders can cope with shredding files and documents so for bulk clearance there is no need to remove paper clips, staples and other stationery.

Hard Drive Destruction

Whether it’s hard drives, floppy discs, CDs or video/data tapes, every single piece of data that is received by Topwood for destruction is disintegrated beyond recovery.

Product Destruction

Inferior goods that are mimicking your own brand which as a result could be very damaging to your own company’s reputation and profit margins. If some of these items are seized, they also need to be securely shredded.

Confidential Waste Bins and Consoles

Shredding Consoles

We can supply a variety of lockable confidential waste bins; consoles, wheelie bins or shred sacks. We can collect for off-site document shredding in our GPS tracked vans or shred it in Telford in our mobile shred trucks at your Telford premises.

Lockable waste bins and consoles are supplied free on loan as part of a regular document shredding service. This service is most suitable for organisations that have a regular stream of confidential waste and to comply with data protection regulations are shredded on a regular basis to reduce the risk of a data breach. Commercially sensitive documents are deposited into the locked waste bins until Topwood’s security vetted staff arrive on site to collect and shred the contents of your document shredding receptacle. If you need school documents shredding, legal documents shredding or any other type of document shredding, make sure you email us, call or chat online for a free quote.

Hard Drive Destruction

Shredding Consoles

Sensitive information and data can also be held on hard drives, USBs, discs, tapes and computers. Under the new General Data Protection Regulation, organisations must take all of the necessary steps to ensure a data breach doesn’t occur.

Destroying hard drives is a cost effective and quick method to destroy data down to 6mm. Once the material is shredded, it is sent to a smelter to be recycled.

IT Firms are also moving towards shredding hard drives as a cost effective service instead of erasing data from hard drives as it is cheaper and much quicker.

Why Is On-site Shredding The Safest?

We recommend shredding on-site as this is the safest option and reduces the risk of a data breach. Topwood are:

  • ISO 27001: 2013
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • EN15713
  • BS7858 – Vetted Staff
  • PD5454: 2012 – Principle standard to which storage services are supplied

On-site shredding guarantees the shortest chain of custody and so, by definition is the most secure option.

The new GDPR places greater liability on data controllers to prevent against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental destruction or damage, using the appropriate technical or organisational measures.

Having your documents shredded on-site removes the need to audit the controls and premises used in the off-site destruction process. Documents and media shredded on-site by a professional shredding company means the chain of custody is minimal which reduces the risks of potential breaches ensuring you are compliant with the new Data Protection Act which came into force in May 2018.


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Topwood Ltd servicing Telford

Topwood offer a shredding service in Telford every Wednesday. We recycle 100% of the paper we shred. Once your documents are shredded, you will immediately receive an e-receipt which is sent to your email address and then 24hrs later you will receive your certificate of destruction. Get in touch if you would like a quote for a shredding, storage or scanning service in the Telford area.

One of our shredding trucks is in Staffordshire every Thursday.

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