Does your on-site shredding service provide a full audit trail?

Topwood have a procedure in place to ensure you receive a traceable, complete audit trial every time. From quotation, work orders, purchase orders and Certificates of Destruction to Waste Transfer Notes and Invoices, the Topwood Audit Trail is transparent and easy to follow.

Topwood’s Audit Trail:

  1. You will receive a free, written quotation
  2. After your acceptance we will create a work order on our system using a purchase order supplied by you.
  3. Once shredding is complete, you will be asked to sign, and an e-receipt is emailed directly to your inbox before the driver is even off site.
  4. When we close the work order on the system, you will receive a free Certificate of Destruction and Waste Transfer Note via email. The two documents can be cross-referenced with the e-receipt.
  5. An Invoice will be emailed out at the end of the month. The invoice also references the e-receipt and Certificate of Destruction.

See our video below for more details:

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