Can we have the archive boxes back after shredding?

Yes – customers often request we shred files directly out of archive boxes (or other containers) as this saves them the effort of transferring everything into sacks. If you wish to re-use the boxes we can return them empty once the contents have been securely shredded. Read on to find out more.

When carrying out a shredding service where the customer has archive boxes there are two choices:

1) Shred the entire box and the contents

2) Empty the box into the shredder and keep the box to return to the customer

It may be cheaper to re-use boxes. However, if you have personal information written on the outside of boxes, we would recommend shredding the boxes.

Our storage service simply uses barcodes on the exterior of boxes to ensure all personal data is secure.

If you choose to keep your box remember:

Pieces of paper could get stuck to the sides of the box, and if that box is re-used and the paper is read, a security breach may occur.

Archive boxes that have been used multiple times will get weaker and weaker. Consider using strong Topwood archive boxes.

Remove any details on the exterior of the box that could be considered personal information

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