Can you recycle paper that is already shredded?

We recycle all the paper we collect. There are cases where we collect paper that has already been shredded. The paper is graded at our facility and then compressed into mill sized bales so it can be delivered to the papermills for pulping into useable products.

As a professional document destruction company we are licenced waste carriers that collect and shred tonnes of paper every day. Our chain of custody controls, together with the sheer speed and volumes involved, make it impossible to reconstruct the documents we shred – see How secure is shredding paper.

The risk of data controllers (office manager) disposing of their own shredded paper is that if it is insufficiently destroyed – for example, if it is strip cut and not cross cut, details on the documents may subsequently be recovered, leaving the data controller liable. In reality, reconstruction is unlikely but possible.

If you dispose of documents you have shredded yourself at a waste recycling centre you are not required to have a waste carriers licence.

Shredded paper handled by a professional shredding and recycling company such as Topwood can never be reconstructed. This contrasts with disposing of paper at a general recycling facility that has public access and employs unvetted staff which makes reconstruction a possibility.

Shredded paper goes direct from a Topwood shred truck into the

pulping at a Deeside paper mill

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