Can you shred whole lever arch files?

Our industrial shredders can destroy lever arch files, ringbinders and box files. Shredding these files does contaminate the shredded paper and this limits how the paper can be recycled. To maintain our recycling record we request that customers advise in advance if the contamination rate is likely more than the 3% (by weight) tolerance.

Can you shred lever arch folders

We can shred a single lever arch file or whole boxes of files. Our industrial cross-cut shredders cut through whole files incluing the metal parts to render the files into tiny fragments.

If your files are in boxes, we can take them straight to the shredder for destruction. The whole box is dropped directly into the shredder. If your folders are on shelves or in filing cabinets, we will remove the files by dropping them into lockable wheelie bin which are taken to the shred truck. Inside the truck the lid is unlocked and a bin lifter tips the contents directly into the cutting chamber.

By shredding the lever arch files and ringbinders we save you time and money. Staff time stripping files is laborious and if someone were to spend hours removing the paperwork from the folders, it would increase costs and risks to your business.

View our quick video below

Here you can see whole lever arch files being shredded

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