Can you store items at file level?

Filing systems can get quite complicated, especially when there are multiple levels. We can store files down to file level to make searching and management easier. Read on to find out more.

As an established business, you will have document management and filing systems already in place. At Topwood, we will store your documents in “Levels”. This enables us to manage your documents efficiently.

Physical storage is usually in boxes. For example, we barcode each box and then reference each file that is in that box. You can quote the barcode on the box and we will locate the file you need within that box.

When we store at File Level, each file has a barcode, which is then stored within a box. This means that each file has an individual identity which can be logged and tracked at each location. Any key information that you use as a reference for that file will be logged as well, such as name or your file reference.

It is important to be able to track individual files to ensure the chain of custody is secure.

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