Do we have to use your archive boxes?

We store boxes regardless of their type, size and style. However, we cannot accept boxes that are split or in any way fail the basic function of containing confidential information. Likewise boxes that are overfilled or have broken handles may pose manual handling risks and so, with the customers consent, are reboxed. Our boxes are usually cheaper in the long-term. Read on to find out more.

There are many different brands and styles of archive boxes. As a document storage company our number one concern is the protection of confidential information. Whilst we always handle boxes carefully, cheap variations eventually fail and that puts the security of your information at risk.

Handles that tear, interlocking bases that fall out and weak walls that cause boxes to keel over are a safety hazard too!

archive boxes

Not all boxes are the same and so we have a checklist to illustrate how quality boxes can actually be cheaper when their total life cost is considered.

There are three principle factors to consider when selecting archive boxes:

Security – cheaper boxes may risk the loss of documents and other confidential information

Total life cost – cheaper boxes do not last and may need to be replaced

Safety – boxes that split or collapse are more likely to be a hazard that cause slips and trips

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Our Topwood boxes…tick the ‘boxes’!

  • Variety of sizes to suit all types of documents
  • Very strong, sturdy boxes capable of holding 15+kg, supplied with a snug-fitting lid to keep rigidity
  • The B-flute cardboard grade and twin sidewalls permits safe stacking up to five boxes high
  • Strong handles with a fold-in pressure pad means the boxes do not cut into your hands and are highly unlikely to tear
  • A single basesheet attached to the sidewalls ensures the bottom does not ‘fall out’
  • Easy to erect with instructions supplied
  • Boxes can be supplied with barcode pre-applied for ease of file indexing and cataloging
  • Always in stock available on a next-day basis
  • Made from part recycled fibre with a white topsheet that maximises strength and looks attractive
  • Supplied banded in packs of 10 (with lids) to reduce unnecessary transit packaging, and;
  • Can be supplied with your company’s logo.

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We also have instructions on how to construct our flat-pack boxes:

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