Do you have a range of lockable wheelie bins?

At Topwood we have a range of wheelie bins for the secure collection of confidential documents. We have 3 sizes of 2-wheeled wheelie bins for the collection of paperwork.

The bins all have a letter box slot in their lockable lids, allowing users to safely deposit papers and documents. Once deposited the only way to access the documents is to unlock the lid.

We have 3 sizes of 2-wheeled wheele bins for the collection of paperwork:

You can place the bins anywhere in your workplace but they are ideal for print rooms, mailrooms, archive stores, production areas and shared recycling points.

When the lids are locked shut, confidential documents can simply be dropped through the letter box slot. For security the baffle plate inside ensures paper can not be accessed through the slot. We do assign a key to an authorised keyholder for bulk filling and in the event that a file does legitimately need to be retrieved.When the bins are full, they are taken out to the truck, unlocked, and emptied into the shredder where the contents are securely destroyed onsite.

View our videos below for more information:

1) The lockable wheelie bin process

2) Our range of wheelie bins for confidential waste

Lockable Wheelie Bins for Secure Document Destruction

Equipment supplies – Wheelie bin range

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