Do you offer Data Destruction?

Yes. The process of shredding and disintegration reduces hard-drives, CDs, VHS tapes, mobile devices and other physical data items to a powder-like material that can then be recycled.

This mechanical destruction eliminates the possibility of data theft and gives security and compliance mangers the total peace of mind that their media has been completely destroyed.

We are experts in the secure destruction of data. Our high-torque industrial shredders cuts and grinds the media into tiny fragments until they pass through a screen (30mm down to 6mm depending on security requirements). Once powder-like, the rendered material is sent to a smelter so it can be recycled.

Our Data Destruction service is similar to our paper shredding service. You drop your physical data items into the locked red wheelie bin, which will be picked up by our operatives at an arranged interval.

We have our blue wheelie bins for paper, but we also supply red bins for Data to be destroyed. This ensures that materials disposed of are done so correctly.

Physical Data that we can destroy:

  • Harddrives
  • Floppy disks
  • VHS tapes
  • USB Sticks

It is possible for a single hard drive or disk to contain thousands of files. It is not sufficient for a Data Controller (office manager) to instruct an IT engineer to wipe information or software from electronic media. Information can still remain after deletion. For example, emails and online activity are still recoverable by those with the digital forensic ‘know how’ and motive. There are often news stories involving some kind of digital data security breach.

Leaving commercially sensitive information, information about your clients, employees or the public on unwanted electronic media can have devastating consequences. Destroying data must be a thorough process and isn’t simply a case of pressing the ‘delete’ key. The surest way to know that information can never be recovered from electronic media is to physically destroy it.

After each destruction service, you will receive aCertificate of Destruction.

Visit our Media Destruction webpage for more information about this service.

Watch our video below on Topwood’s Hard drive shredding service.

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