Do you provide sacks for paper to be shredded?

We supply two types of shred sack, polyprop and paper, for the safe collection of confidential paperwork. However, using our sacks is not a requirement. If your documents are already in archive boxes or other containers/sacks we can shred the documents out of those containers (and return them to you for re-use if required). Read on to find out more.

We supply either poly prop sacks, or paper sacks (to compare the two types click here). Simply fill our sacks to collect sensitive paperwork from your workplace and then seal closed once they are full.

Poly prop bags:

These heavy duty woven plastic bags that are very strong. Simply fill them up and seal with a tamper-proof security tag. These tags are logged into the system. When the sacks are taken to the lorry to be shredded for on-site shredding our security vetted staff remove the tag, and empty the contents of the bag into the shredder.


Each tag has a unique barcode providing a full traceability

The tags can be used for complete traceability. For example our drivers scan the tags at the point of collection for shredding and then the seal numbers are shown on the Certificate of Destruction.

Paper bags:

High quality paper sacks can be considered to be more secure than the poly prop sacks. You fill the sacks, peel and seal the top closed, and when the sacks are taken to the lorry, the whole sack is dropped straight into the shredder. Once you dispose of the documents into the bag, it doesn’t need to be opened at all, this reduces the time spent on-site making sure we take up parking spaces for as little time as possible.

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