How can I destroy my stored files?

We advise that retention dates are applied to all documents stored at Topwood. These dates generate reports so we can notify you which documents are approaching the end of their retention period. Once you approve their destruction we take the documents from storage and securely shred them. This routine process is not only good business practice but keeps you on the right side of data protection legislation. Read on to find out more.

When storing documents, there is a minimum retention period you must abide by according to the Data Protection Act. As part of our storage services at Topwood we manage the secure destruction of documents that have reached this date. If documents are to be kept indefinitely, or you wish to retain them permanently, we advise applying DND (Do Not Destroy) instead of a date.

Using secure online access allows files to be approved for destruction.

Our software generates an exception report hi-lighting which items are approaching their review date. We notify our customers accordingly and await their authorisation to proceed with the destruction. Customers who use our online system, RSWeb, can approve file destruction online.

Following the confirmation that documents are to be destroyed they are taken from storage and transferred to our onsite facility where they will be shredded and baled for recycling. A Certificate of Destruction is generated which provides the customer with a complete inventory of the items destroyed.

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