How do I catalogue my files for off-site storage?

When you first set up your off-site storage, you will need to record what files are in each box. Read on to find out more.

Each one of your archive boxes will fit between 5 and 15 files. To enable you to recall and track your files, you will need to record which files go into each box.

Our barcode system allows us to relate files to each individual box using our document storage software. However, before we can enter your boxes into our system, you will need to set up your own simple database from which we can identify each box from.

The database simply needs three columns:

  • Box Barcode Number
  • Key Identifier, such as name, file reference, etc. Add more columns for more information.
  • Destroy Date. If you do not want to destroy the file, enter “DND” into this column.

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We will use this database to enter your boxes into our database, and then we will assign them to locations in our secure storage facility.

See our video below for more information:

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