How does the Topwood Storage process work?

Topwood’s dedicated document storage services can help you store and manage hard copies of your files as well as electronic data. The process is simple and allows you to get a full inventory and traceability of your files and documents. Request a file online and have it in at your offices within 24 hours. Read on to find out more about our document storage process.

document management process

A security vetted member of Topwood staff comes to your premises in our secure GPS tracked vans to collect your files and boxes.Each box gets its own barcode sticker, which Topwood will log onto our online system. Each file within the box also gets an individual barcode making retrieval easier if needed. Destroy dates are added to each box to provide a full retention schedule against your inventory.Boxes, files or lever arch files are scanned against a location barcode in Topwood’s dedicated documents storage. This allows you to view where your files are and whether they are ‘In’ at Topwood or ‘Out’ with yourselves or ‘Out for delivery’.If you need a file or a box, simply call us, email us, chat online or use out online ordering system. You can request a file to be delivered, scanned and sent via email, or requested to be destroyed. Topwood can deliver an ‘Urgent file’ which would be delivered to you within 24hrs.Topwood can deliver your file or box within 24hrs or if you only need a pdf copy of the file we offer a Scan on Demand service whereby you can request a file to be electronically scanned to PDF format and sent via email or uploaded to our online portal “Top Drawer” within 30 minutes.If Topwood have delivered your files and you are finished with them for now, just call, email, chat online or request online for your files or boxes to be picked up and put back into Topwood’s dedicated document storage.

We can supply you with archive boxes that are strong and easy to assemble.

We can assist you in managing the rentention schedules on the files we have stored, and shred the files that have expired.

You can also request documents and files back from us, and we will deliver the next working day.

Outsourcing your documents may seem like an unnessary expense however in reality it can not only offer space saving within your office but also offer cost savings to find out more here

What are the benefits of using barcodes?

A barcode number ensures that every box, file or document (item) has a unique reference. The barcode itself means that software used by the best records management companies tracks every movement and each activity of the items. This provides the customer with complete traceability. Barcodes do not replace other file references such as client name, address, matter etc., but adds another reference to the item for ease of traceability.

Barcode labels are printed from software that adds a check digit to minimise human keying errors on data entry.

Once items are assigned a barcode they become unique and their handling and control becomes completely automated.

When we select and deliver items the barcodes are scanned. Once signed for, the software will email an e-receipt to your inbox.

Customers can continue to use their own familiar references for items. The references are simply meta data that is tagged to the bar code. In time, many customers cease to use their own file and box numbering systems once they see the benefits of barcodes.

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