How will online records management improve our efficiency?


If your company suffers from poor record management, a move to online filing makes managing your files in our storage system easy. With a secure login you can search for, edit, make requests and recall files. It also allows you to approve the destruction of files, simply by clicking your mouse. Managing files online keeps errors to a minimum and the reduced admin allows staff more time to focus on customers. Read on to find out more.

With direct access to our records centre database users can:

  1. Enter new boxes and files into storage
  2. ‘Quick search’ boxes and files
  3. Recall files for delivery or download images (using our scan on demand service)
  4. Order other services and items such as archive boxes
  5. Authorise the destruction of documents.
    1. These tasks done online remove:

      1. Unnecessary emails and phone calls
      2. Keying and typing errors
      3. Duplication of file references.

      Online access allows:

      1. 24/7 access – query and search for files and documents any time from any office
      2. Real time status tracking – instant location of files and the progression of requests
      3. Levels of Authority – permissions ensure access is restricted to authorised personnel
      4. Audit trails – to track file status and request history
      5. Multi site/ users – whole businesses can access the database
      6. Easy reporting – simple reports ensure cost control and files are managed according to protocols.

      The net result is that your staff spend less time managing files and more time adding value to your business.

      Online file management is the first step to electronic document management.

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