What are EWC and SIC codes?

When dealing with Waste Management, you may come across these abbreviations. You will need to know the codes for the type of waste you are managing when you fill in the mandatory Waste Transfer Note. Read on to find out more.

As a data controller, you are required to complete a waste transfer notice. Our Waste heierachy article explains the waste transfer note in more detail. In this article, we explain the EWC and SIC codes you will need to fill in your waste transfer note when you deal with waste such as confidential documents, data devices, or uniforms.

EWC stands for European Waste Catalogue. The codes are used to define different types of waste. We deal with many different types of waste when shredding for different customers such as:

This website will help you find the correct EWC code for your waste

SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification. This code defines what kind of business your company engages in. Our customers come from a range of sectors, such as:

This website will help you find the correct SIC code for your business and premises

When it comes to EWC codes, there is no difference between regular waste paper, and confidential paperwork, as they are the same material. Therefore you can use the same EWC code for both. However, it is the method in which you dispose of the confidential paperwork that needs to be disposed of in a secure manner to comply with legislation.

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