How do I retrieve files from storage?

When you need to retrieve documents simply contact us, or order online and we will pick them from storage. Files are then scheduled for delivery to your office on an urgent, same-day or next-day basis. If you choose our scan on demand service, documents are selected, scanned and available for download within 30 minutes of a request. Read on to find out more.

You can call 01948 770152, email, or use our online ordering system (contact us for more details).

We will create a delivery work order and return your files within the time frame agreed in the service contact and according to our secure chain of custody.

For electronic retrievals a scan work order will be created, the files are picked from storage and you will receive an email with a secure download link.

When you are finished with the file(s), simply call, email or use our online system to arrange a pick up. A collection work order will be created and the collection day/time confirmed to you.

At every stage, the files are scanned and tracked to record their location. From the shelf, to your vehicle, then to your office and back – at every stage we know where the file(s) are.

Watch our video guide on ordering files from storage:

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