How is Topwood better than the competition?

Competition for shredding services is tough. The key to our success is our culture of improving everything we do, however small the improvement, every time we perform. These tiny improvements lead to the customer experience.

Ten years ago, choice for buyers was limited to a few multinational firms but new entrants have successfully established themselves as worthy competitors.

Topwood was one if the first data shredding firms to be accredited with information security ISO27001. We have a number of mobile shredders which have capability to cross cut allowing us to work on government contracts.

We differentiate from the mega players by:

  • Guaranteeing competitive prices (see:How do you price for shredding services?)
  • Deducting off-invoice for the value of the paper shredded and recycled
  • Clear pricing based on costs and not per minute – you pay for what we actually shred
  • Having a high density of operations to give us great flexibility (we are not spread too thin)
  • security vetted staff to provide a professional service – with a personal touch
  • Innovating and knowing there can be no complacency – this is a major threat for others.
  • Achieving ISO27001 Certification is now the benchmark for information security
  • Investing efficient high-tech industrial mobile shredding trucks
  • Membership of The Shredding Alliance to provide national shredding services.

We have put together some of the feedback from customers who have switched from a national firm to Topwood. Here we aim to demonstrate that the service from a local shredding company near you is better than the one size fits all service from the national waste management companies.

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