How many office consoles do I need for my office?

A quick assessment and our expertise will determine the best number of consoles and visit frequency. Once the consoles are in use we feedback to you their fill rate by weighing the contents as we shred. This information allows adjustments to be made to ensure you have the right ‘console mix’ for optimum waste management and cost control. Read on to find out more.

At Topwood we tailor regular confidential shredding services for customers using information about the office and business type, combined with our extensive experience in office waste management.

Our process:

Assess Evaluate Adjust

We will measure your workplace needs by completing a quick assessment involving:

  • Number of people in the office or each working area
  • The nature of the business and industry
  • Size of the office, access etc
  • Non-confidential paper recycling policies and waste streams
  • Existing confidential disposal arrangements (including use of an office shredder)

We then recommend a number of consoles and a visit depending on your requirements and our extensive experience in office confidential document disposal.

Each console is barcoded and the driver records the weight in each console. This information is fed back to the customer and we alter the number of consoles, or the frequency of the shredding visit. The feedback identifies who are the biggest users and helps efforts to reduce paper use. By making efforts to go paper-light you will contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Example 1 – A company starts with 3 consoles with onsite shredding every 4 weeks. The contents are weighed prior to shredding and roughly each console is consistently 60% full. In such a case we would suggest we supply an additional and reduce the visit rate down to every 8 weeks.

Example 2 – Another company has 2 consoles on a 4 weekly visit arrangement.

When we visit to empty and shred the contents, both consoles are full. We would recommend that they add another console to their offices.

As a leading independent data destruction company our flexibility is a key competitive advantage over the ‘one size fits all’ national shredding companies. We pride ourselves on our customer service and communication.

Our business philosophy is that of continuous process, and finding the right combination is no exception. As a professional shredding business we have the capacity to adjust visits to suit customer requirements. For example we can easily schedule extra collections if required.

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