How off-site archive storage will lower your costs

Off-site file storage companies are generally based where land values are lower compared to offices locations. In addtion to lower costs, off-site archiving will free up valuable space and staff time for more productive activities.

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We have highlighted what you can expect from outsourcing to a trusted archive specialist like Topwood.

Time is money:

Remarkable as it seems…it takes a member of office staff an average of 120 minutes a week to manage and fetch files from self-storage. At £15 per hour that is a massive £1560 a year.

No longterm contract required:

Your valuable company records could not be safer in a purpose built secure storage facility. You can use Topwood’s facilities without signing any longterm contract. With no long term commitment, you can leave if you are not happy.

Cheaper than self-storage:

Self-storage units are often regarded as an effective and low cost solution for archive storage. But in comparison to storing with Topwood they are neither of these. With Topwood you only pay for the space that your files and boxes occupy giving you great flexibility.

An average cost for self-storage space (including rent, racking, and service charges) is circa £25 per square foot. This means that space for a 4 drawer filing cabinet costs £75 per year. Topwood can store the contents of that filing cabinet and deliver them back when needed for less than £25 per year.

Rapid response!

Our average response time for urgent delivery is under 2 hours from order to retrieval. We know how important these urgent requests are so we get them there without delay.

Where we operate:

We operate in the areas of North West England, North Wales and West Midlands. We can help save you money through a highly competitive, super reliable service that delivers added value to your business.

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