How will regular bulk shredding benefit you?

Many businesses think storing documents in back offices and storerooms is a low cost option. In fact, keeping documents and files incurs a huge cost and bulk shredding will improve the efficiency of your workplace. Read on to find out more.

Bulk Document Shredding

Bulk shredding is the periodic clearance of shred sacks and archive boxes that gradually accumuate in back offices, storerooms and warehouses. Keeping your office clear of these documents ensures you can optimise the use of your space and staff, keep the risk of a data breach to a minimum, and maximise the welfare of personnel.

A regular document shredding service is where your office is kept free of sensitive information when users deposit unwanted papers into lockable containers such as consoles. These containers, supplied free on loan, keep the information safe until the contents are shredded on-site by our security vetted staff. After the documents have been shredded a Certificate of Destruction is emailed to you. The shredded paper is then taken for recycling.

A bulk shredding service will help your business for three key reasons:

1) Space taken up with obsolete documents will be made free for productive use. Commercial space is expensive in terms of rent rates, utility and maintenace costs so this ensures you will be able to earn revenue from the area. Not only will space be freed up but so too will your staff as they will not spend time dealing with obsolete files.

2) Keeping back offices, storerooms and warehouses free of sensive documents denies someone the chance to pry for sensitve information about your business, customers and employees.

3) The build up of files and boxes creates Health and Safety issues. Boxes stacked in corridors and blocking fire exits are a hazard to your staff and even your customers. Even the manual handling of boxes and files poses a risk of injury to your staff.

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