Self-Storage Disaster!

There have been a few self-storage unit customers having make insurance claims this last week due to their belongings being destroyed. If you have items stored in self-storage units, you may want to think twice after reading about these self-storage disasters…

It has been reported by the BBC on 14th September 2017 there was a rat infestation in a self-storage unit in Reading causing £10,000 worth of damage to a couple’s possessions. The storage company Shurgard, notified customers that one user has been storing “perishable food items” which had caused the damage to this couple’s personal belongings including wedding photos, clothing and sentimental items. The couple were insured, however insurance won’t replace the sentimental items ruined by the rodents that were present in the storage unit.

Elsewhere in Tottenham, on the 19th September 2017 a fire broke out in a self-storage unit that called 140 firefighters to the storage warehouse at White Hart Lane. The Safehouse self-storage Unit have yet to confirm the source of the fire, but have commentated that hazardous material including cylinders are in the vicinity. This self-storage unit not only contained individual items, but business inventory too.

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These self-storage disasters highlight the fact that you never truly know what you are storing your items next to. The potential for damage from fire is high, as well as the potential for rodents, if the type of material being stored in not monitored. With unrestricted public access, the potential for disaster is again increased, along with the increased potential for a data breach if sensitive information is being stored in self-storage units. These are just some of the potential issues associated with self storage.

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