Education Case Study

Government legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulation legally obliges public authorities to provide information on request within the 20 working days time-scale which means that it is essential for you to practice good records management to ensure information can be quickly identified and retrieved.

Our comprehensive cataloguing and indexing service improves the integrity of the documents in our secure storage facility. Accurate indexing allows the quick retrieval of documents and it is the foundation for identifying which records can be scanned for long term retention.

Document Scanning – Education Case Study

Client – An Educational Body

Service(s) providedDocument Storage / Bulk Scanning / Electronic Document Management

The Problem

Poor record keeping exposed the organisation to failures in data compliance.

The Solution

  • The first stage of the project was to catalogue and index all the documents and files into a shared database. For each site a Record Keeper was trained to use our TopDrawer software so they could start managing their records online.
  • The retention dates for each type of document were established and a retention schedule set in place.
  • The next stage of the project is to scan all records that have a retention period longer than 12 years as this is the most cost effective way of retaining the information. The software and processes used by Topwood are BIP0008 certified and all scanned images are legally admissible in court.

Client’s response

“Legislation regarding information management of children in our care is ever more important and working with Topwood has given us confidence that our records are safe and that they can easily be accessed if required. Each review meeting includes an element for process improvement and the scanning of records is part of the partnership.” – Steve Jones – Director.

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