Finance Case Study

We have built up a strong business partnership in finance, accounting and insurance including some of the biggest names in the UK. We are familiar with the types of document management in these sectors and the requirements needed by governing bodies such as the FCA Financial Conduct Authority.

Document Scanning – Finance Case Study

Client – A Financial Institution

Service(s) providedDocument Storage / Scan on Demand / Electronic Document Management

The Problem

A UK-wide accountancy firm must retain permanent files on behalf of its clients. The probability of needing to access files was low but nonetheless they have to be retained. The lack of storage space and databases that were in place, was resulting in a lengthy task everytime they wanted to locate the specific file when needed. The inital cost of up-front scanning was prohibitive and didnt fit the initial needs of the accountancy firm.

The Solution

  • Files were all indexed and transferred to Topwood Ltd for our staff to create a comprehensive database.
  • Our client’s staff can now log-in to see which files we have.
  • When the firm needs a file it is requested on-line.
  • When a request is received our staff then pick out the box containing the file and scan the relevant pages which we upload to a server.
  • The file required can then be downloaded from the server by our client.
  • Other files are stored electronically and as each one is scanned and indexed the hard copies are destroyed securely. Gradually the volume of files stored will reduce.

Client’s Response

Fantastic service – we should have done it years ago! Scanning of files has always been put to the back of the queue but Topwood have devised a way to get it done without it costing the earth.” – Nick Jenkins – Partner.

Scan on demand case study