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The accumulation of historical documents or media usually stored in dedicated archive storage. Archive files may include old HR files, employee details, old bank statements, old hard drives. A rentention schedule will determine how long these records are kept in storage for. Often organisations will scan these to electronic copies on a scan on demand basis and destory the hard copies.


A service that offers large amounts of archive paperwork or media to be destroyed.  A bulk shredding service may involve the destruction of anything from just a few archive boxes, up to many thousands of archive boxes stacked on hundreds of pallets. Topwood offer bulk product destruction, bulk document destruction and bulk media destruction.


A Certificate of destruction (CoD) confirms that a shredding service has been done, with the date, the company, and the director’s signature. A CoD is required by law according to waste legislation. The certificate of destruction is the final stage of the chain of custody process.


The Chain of Custody (CoC) is the paper or digital trail from the first enquiry to the control, transfer and last stage of downloading a Certificate of Destruction.


The legal requirement to adhere to government legislation and laws

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A console is a lockable confidential waste bin for paper disposal and is a secure and efficient alternative to using office shredders. Consoles are used to store confidential papers until a shred truck arrives to shred them on-site. Topwood also have a dual shredding console available for media such as hard drives and disks.


A shredding technique where there are more than two rollers cutting in more than one direction to destroy items in a more secure manner.

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The individual or company who holds confidential data. This individual or organisation determines the purposes for which any personal data is processed. Data controllers are responsible for making sure that the processing of any data is compliant with The Data Protection Act.


Any individual or company who is subcontracted to process data on behalf of the data controller (office manager).  The processing of data includes its storage and handling and destruction, on behalf of the data controller. As a company that offers shredding, scanning and storage, Topwood is a security vetted data processor.

The legislation relating to processing and protecting personal data regarding individuals in the UK.

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