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The storage of historical documents

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A large amount of archive paperwork to be destroyed.  A bulk shredding service may involve the destruction of anything from just a few archive boxes, up to many thousands of archive boxes stacked on hundreds of pallets.

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A record of research into a subject or business.

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A Certificate of destruction (CoD) confirms that a shredding service has been done, with the date, the company, and the director’s signature. A CoD is required by law according to waste legislation.

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The chain of actions that relates to the legal handling of sensitive and confidential data.

Find out more: The Chain of Custody Process


The legal requirement to adhere to government legislation and laws

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Data that is private, secret, classified, and therefore protected under the Data Protection Act.

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A cabinet-style, lockable unit for the safe disposal of confidential paperwork.

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A shredding technique where there are more than two rollers cutting in more than one direction to destroy items in a more secure manner.

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The individual or company who holds confidential data.

 Find out moreYou cannot subcontract liability


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