Archive Scanning Services

Bulk document scanning is a convenient and efficient method to convert hard paper copies of archives into digital pdf format which is remotely accessible and searchable by index and key words.

✔ Increased Security  
✔ Easily accessible
✔ Increased Productivity 
✔ Space Saving
✔ Supports GDPR
✔ Retention Scheduling 

Archive Scanning Solutions

Bulk document scanning is a convenient and efficient method to convert hard paper copies of archives into digital pdf format which is remotely accessible and searchable by index and key words.

Why Use Archive Scanning?

A bulk document scanning service allows you to keep your archived documents securely for a defined retention period, whilst freeing up storage space for more productive use.

Electronic documents can be accessed via any cloud based storage system which supports more flexible working practices including working from home.

Files scanned by Topwood can be sent back to the client electronically, sent simply on a hard drive, or can be hosted on our DocView Document Management System.

All scanning at Topwood is done to ISO 27001 standard and carries the BS10008 standard for legal admissibility.

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What are the Benefits of the Digitization of Records and Archives?

Topwood’s Archive Scanning Service guarantees 99.8% accuracy with all files scanned to PDFA standard which itself carries a 99 year guarantee against deterioration

Many organisations have their own cloud systems, allowing Topwood’s scanning services to help them maximise the return on investment they have already made.  Topwood can apply any indexing requirements as well as transferring files securely via SFTP links and/or API to any modern digital archiving system.

With GDPR now in force it is more important for organisations to know exactly what information they have stored and where. Bulk document scanning makes the process of finding documents easy and quick through our optical character recognition (OCR) searchable feature.

Digital Archiving has many other benefits including the ability to set reminders and automate retention of documents that can or should only be kept for certain periods.  This is especially useful for HR, Accounts and other regulated documents.

Topwood are information security and quality management accredited to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 and all scanning is to BS10008 which is the official standard for legal admissibility.

All electronic files would be returned in any format that you require; CD, Disc, USB, hard drive or hosted on our cloud based system (accessible 24/7).

The hard copies of your documents can be returned, stored or securely shredded.

There is no need to remove staples from legal documents, HR files or any other documents you may have as our team will remove the staples and other stationery as part of the quoted price.

We can collect anywhere in the UK using our own uniformed and DBS vetted staff

The turnaround time for scanned documents can be very quick, so if you are a college, school or university looking for a bulk document scanning service of exam papers for online marking we can collect, scan and return very quickly.

Bulk Scanning – the process is simple:

Step 1 - Collection

A security member of Topwood staff arrives to collect your documents in our GPS tracked vans.

Step 2 - Preparation

Our team will prepare all files by removing stationery such as staples and paperclips before scanning. These can be put back if you require the hard copies back after the document scanning process.

Step 3 - Scanning

Our state of the art scanners scan your documents into your preferred format either PDF, JPEG, TIFF or PDF searchable

Step 4 - Quality Check

Our team checks the electronic version of your documents for quality and consistency to ensure they are compliant with guidance on electronic storage of files.

Step 5 - Indexing

Each document is indexed using information associated with the documents such as file name, date, client, job number making it easier to find documents electronically.

Step 6 - Upload / Delivery

We will upload your electronic documents onto a USB, CD or DVD. Alternatively you can use out cloud based system which is accessible 24/7.

Step 7 - Shredding / Storage

Once the electronic copies can been approved by the customer, the hard copies can be shredding to EN15713 or put into secure storage in our warehouses