Scan on Demand

One Hour Retrieval of any stored file

Topwood’s intelligent storage solution allows clients to request files for return using an on-line self-service portal. If the physical file is not required we offer a Scan-on-Demand service which returns a fully indexed PDF file to the client within one hour.

✔ Cost effective storage 
✔ Access to files within one hour
✔ Secure transfer of files 
✔ Efficient and recorded call-off process
✔ Supports remote working
File is usable electronically 

How does Scan on Demand work?

Scan-on-Demand provides conversion services for files requested by the customer on an ad-hoc basis. Documents already stored with Topwood are scanned and uploaded to our web-based archive system within a customer’s defined service level agreement for clients to be able to view, print and manage.

What is Topwood’s On-Demand Scanning Solution?

This blended secure document scanning service allows customers to take advantage of the low cost of storage whilst having the accessibility of digital files as and when they need it. The quality of the scanned image is the same as when produced as part of an archive scanning project.  PDFs are checked to ensure opening and as PDFA quality they are guaranteed against deterioration for 99 years.

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Why Choose Topwood Document Scanning and Storage Solutions

  • Print, email or share your scanned images as often as you need
  • Once the image has been scanned, it is available permanently and the document never needs to be requested again
  • Our online document archiving system allows for speedy retrieval of all stored records and documents
  • Scan only what you need and when you need it – no need to trawl through masses of information

Expenses associated with onsite and offsite document storage can be significantly reduced.