Scanning Cost Comparison

Compare the actual costs of traditional storage against scanning

Compare the actual costs of traditional storage against scanning

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Taking costs out of your business operation is key to competitive advantage. Every £100 saved in costs through business improvement has the same effect as increasing sales by £1,000. Smarter file management and improved security and access to files will improve your operating efficiencies.

Scanning files into electronic documents will drive down the cost of managing files and improve customer service. Take a look at our scanning cost comparison infographic to see the cost savings.

Electronic Document Management (EDM) offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs and time handling paper records
  • Improved security and control of sensitive information
  • Easier access and sharing

Selecting the correct scanning partner will influence other areas of the business and looking to take costs out of operations could become part of your company’s culture.

Many firms consider the upfront cost of scanning as a barrier to electronic storage. Our payment plan allows you to spread the cost of the scanning over a fixed period of time.

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