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Topwood Confidential Document Scanning


Confidential Document Scanning


e are able to prepare, scan and index large volumes of paper documents thanks to our state of the art equipment which includes high speed scanners. Once scanned, clients can choose whether they would prefer documents to be destroyed or placed into deep storage. All of the scanned images can then be made available on CD, DVD or via a web based browser.

Document scanning can be a way to cut costs and improve work flows. We have completed a number of projects with legal and financial firms where document imaging has formed part of their lean process improvements. This is where improved document management is aimed at taking costs out of their businesses.

Document Scanning Services - we provide business class document scanning services to enable confidential on-line retrieval of important documents.

Scan on Demand

If the physical file is not always required we offer a Scan-on-Demand service. Scan-on-Demand provides conversion services for files requested by the customer on an ad-hoc basis.

Bulk Document Scanning

By operating a fleet of satellite tracked secure vehicles, Topwood is able to collect files and documents from just about anywhere on the UK mainland either on the same day or if required on the next day.

Topwood Topdrawer Online Document Retrieval

Web Hosting

TopDrawer is our web-based service which offers secure and instant access to scanned images. Once documents are in a digital format they can be instantly uploaded to the secure eView+ site and made available to you via a standard web browser.

About our Scanners

About our Scanners

Our state of the art scanners are used, each of them equipped with the latest technology such as ultra-sonic, automated colour detection and double feed as well as image processing tools.

Scanning v Storage Cost Comparison

Compare the actual costs of traditional storage against scanning

Taking costs out of your business operation is key to competitive advantage.

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Benefits of Document Scanning Services


Document digital management allows for quick access - crucial when a job might be time sensitive. It also means the document can be accessed from pretty much anywhere via the internet.

Cost Effective

This kind of system is extremely cost effective. Prices start from just a few pence per sheet. Money is also saved thanks to the efficient nature of the system – both ink and paper are saved.

Space Saving

Once the job is complete and the documents have been destroyed and recycled, you will probably gain more valuable office space which can increase staff morale and productivity.

Increase Productivity

With our easy to understand Scanning Service in place members of your staff will become more productive and are therefore able to get more work done.

Increase Efficiency

Files are easy to find and to use which can greatly cut down the time spent on a job.

Future Proof

An up to date, modern digital system automatically helps to make the work environment more modern too.

Green Concious

Using less paper and printer ink is better for the environment.