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Document Scanning Solutions: Archiving and Digitisation

Increase your business productivity and reduce costs with Topwood digital archive scanning and storage solutions.

Secure & Flexible Document Scanning Solutions

Our secure document scanning services provide facilities for converting a large number of paper documents into accessible digital files. Our scanning process has been streamlined to ensure fast and accurate retrieval of your documents and the security of your data.

We provide a professional scanning solution, tailored to your organisation needs, improving the accessibility of all your documents. We can host your documents on our DocView cloud based platform or supply files through our secure FTP site for download.

Archive Scanning Services

Bulk document scanning is a convenient and efficient method to convert hard paper copies of archives into digital pdf format which is remotely accessible and searchable by index and key words.

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Cloud-based Document Management

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Large Format Scanning

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Digital Mailroom Solutions

For most businesses, the quest to go environmentally friendly or paperless has often failed before it has got off the ground. The reason? That delivery of paper-based mail every morning.

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Our Revolutionary Document Management Solution

✔ Notable reduction in handling and reprographics costs

✔ Significant Increase in data security

✔ Audit evidence and people accountability

✔ Improve efficiency through the simple retrieval of documents

✔ Sustainable method of document management

✔ Host and retrieve your files at any time with our cloud-based platform

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Why Choose Topwood Document Scanning Solutions

First-Class Scanning Services

All our scanning services conform to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and BS10008. These standards guarantee:

Or systems comply with all GDPR requirements and data security is constantly monitored and guaranteed.

Bespoke Scanning Solutions

We have streamlined the ultimate scanning process, that provides efficient, secure, and accurate scanning and document retrieval. Our electronic document management (EDM) closely replicates the manual processes that have already worked for several other businesses previously. Therefore, our secure document scanning solutions are designed to require the least amount of business change and upheaval.

Scanning Solutions to Match Your Business Needs

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Costs Reduction

Space Saving

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Future Proofs and Future Secures

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Document Scanning Budget Calculator

Our Most Popular Scanning Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scanning process?
Do I need to remove staples and other stationery before scanning?
Can I have my documents back after scanning?
How do I access my scanned documents?
What is the best format for scanned documents?
Are my scanned documents legally admissible?
Can you scan all paper document sizes?

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